Main Layers
You can toggle between the different variable options for the layers such as temperature, salinity, velocity, etc.
You can select the specific date of data that you want to display if available. Choose an end date to create time range animations.
Optional Layers
These are the layers that you can choose optionally to display or not. You can place as many optional layers as you want on a single map.
Google Earth
Transect Tool
-With this tool you can choose different points under the map, and it will create two graphs. The first graph will show you how the variables (temperature, salinity, velocity, etc.) change as they move along the points you draw based on latitude and longitude. The second graph shows how the chosen variable changes through out different depths
- First click on the Transect tool icon to get started.
- Then click some point in the map to select your starting point in the transect. Keep clicking around to create more points. Once the last point is chosen, double click it to pop up the graphs.
- To create another graph, simply make a new drawing and the last one will disappear.
- To exit the transect tool click on the Unselect icon.
-By default the application starts with the possible highest elevation/precipitation, if you click the + or - it will change the elevation/precipitation. If you click the elevation/precipitation text then a windows will pop up and will let you choose the desired elevation/precipitation.
You can modify the transparency of the main layers as well as the transparency of the selected optional layers.
Color Palette
You can change the color ranges for maximum or minimum variable as well as choose any pallete color of your choice. You can also let the system choose the perfect balance of colors with the auto botton.
Custom filter
Use the cql filter to filter data that you would like to view. For example if you want to view all the sailbouy points where it has measure a ct_temperature level of greater than 20. Then you input into the cql filter: ct_temperature > 20.

Dangerous municipalities for migrants in Mexico

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Optional Layers
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Main Layers Calendars Optional Layers
Click on the check box to enable an optional layer. The '+' and '-' buttons change the transparency, to download the layer as 'kmz' file (for Google Earth) and to download the layer data as .zip or geotiff file.
Olmo S. Zavala R.,
María Elena Osorio T.,
Yazmin J. Valdez T.
Jorge Luis Barreda E. and
Alejandro Osorio T.